Tatsiana, I am very grateful for your support. As a result of our sessions you helped me to come to a decision in a difficult situation. I was very pleased to work with you. Thank you very much for your help and wish you success in your future work.



Tatsiana, thank you very much for your useful work. I looked at the situation from the other side. I was able to calm down and to understand what is the most valuable for me. Now my husband and I are building strong and comfortable relationship. Thank you again for your understanding.



In the past school year my son had problems at school with classmates. I decided to take the child to a psychologist. After school my child started to come calm and peaceful. Later, tears became rare after school, and at the end of the year he said that he generally had no problems with his classmates. Besides that I needed some support in family problems that were also successfully resolved as a result of attending the sessions. I think I received psychological support of a very high quality. If anyone has a problem with their children or difficulties in family relationships I recommend Tatsiana.



Sessions with Tatsiana allowed me to understand and reconsider my behavior. This in turn had a positive impact on my relationships with other people. I determined my purpose and found a favorite activity that brings joy and meaning to my life. Thank you.



Thanks to Tatsiana I knew more about myself. I learnt to listen to my inner voice and to be more attentive. I realized how society and the social stereotypes influence on people and sometimes make them unhappy. I am no longer afraid to be myself and to be different. It's all great happiness.



Tatsiana, thank you so much for your patience and sensitivity. This is exactly what everybody needs in a difficult situation. I am very grateful to you for your professionalism, understanding and support. In my experience I realized that soul comfort is more essential than any money.